Spanish Grammar

Por vs Para

Module 1

In this module, you will master when to use the preposition POR or PARA. 

Module Structure

Free Lesson – Audio Quiz – Choose POR vs PARA

This free lesson is an audio quiz where you choose between POR vs PARA. It kicks off a series of audio lessons where we dive deep into the many uses of these two prepositions and how they differ. Members can take the rest of the course here or on the go with their private podcast feed. 


In this audio lesson, we explore using PARA to express destination, purpose, opinion, and more. 


In this audio lesson, we practice using POR to express exchange, emotion, motivation, reason and more. Buckle up. It's a long one! 

Comparison of POR vs PARA

In this audio lesson, we compare the POR and PARA side by side and see how the meaning of a sentence may change depending on which one you choose. 

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