Suicidal Ideation

by Doc Molly

January 2, 2023

Learn Spanish for the evaluation of suicidal ideation in the ER. This module is ADVANCED.

Module Content

Text lesson

Listen to a dialogue between a psychologist (played by Eliza) and a 27 year old woman (played by myself) brought to the ER by the police due to family’s concern that she intended to harm herself. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Text lesson

Interpret as the psychologist introduces herself and her role, and asks the patient to explain in her own words what brings her to the ER. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Text lesson

Members Only Do you have a plan?

Interpret a conversation between the psychologist and patient about her feelings of distress and whether she has a plan to harm herself. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Text lesson

Members Only Mental Health HIstory

Interpret as the psychologist asks about guns in the homes, prior mental health problems, and drug use. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Text lesson

Members Only Safe Discharge Home

Interpret as the psychologist explains do not need to keep Laura on a psychiatric hold. She concludes by confirming she feels safe and will return if that changes. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Este módulo cuenta con la increíble...  

Elizabet Cortez

de Guatemala

Eliza Cortez, teacher from San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

"Soy maestra de español desde hace 10 años. Me encanta enseñar. Me gusta que el estudiante se sienta cómodo en las clases. Yo me puedo adaptar a las necesidades del estudiante. Por ejemplo, si quiere estudiar español para trabajar en un hospital, para ganar un examen de la universidad, para viajar, etc."

I met Eliza while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala, and she really does adapt to your needs. I LOVE creating lessons with Eliza!

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