Dental Sealants – ADVANCED

by Doc Molly

December 28, 2022

This module is based on a clinical encounter, in which a dentist recommends dental sealants for her patient. Even if you never plan to talk about dental sealants in Spanish, I promise you will learn a ton of useful Spanish in this module. You will learn how to say, "grooves, surface, molars, to harden, to form a seal, the sooner the better," and more!

Module Content

Video lesson

In this lesson, we listen as the doctor recommends dental sealants for her patient, and answers questions from the patient's mother. Be sure to take the quiz after listening to the dialogue to see how much you remember and understood.

Video lesson

We review the first half of the clinical dialogue, "Dental Sealants in Spanish." We will interpret as the doctor explains: 1) What dental sealants are, 2) Why she recommends them, and 3) How they are applied. The level of this lesson is advanced.

Video lesson

We interpret as the dentist answers the following questions: 1) When should dental sealants be applied? 2) How long do dental sealants last? 3) What are the side effects? 4) Are they covered by insurance? The level of this lesson is advanced.

This module features...

Elizabet Cortez

de San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala 

Eliza Cortez, teacher from San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

Eliza helped me translate and record all the phrases covered in this module. She is a patient teacher who easily adapts to the needs of her students. Click below to send Eliza a message about taking classes online. 

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