by Doc Molly

January 12, 2023

Learn Spanish for patient education regarding a new diagnosis of COPD.

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9 Lessons

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The doctor explains the diagnosis of COPD and the two conditions it causes: chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

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Members Only COPD vs Asthma

The doctor explains how asthma and COPD differ.

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Members Only Causes of COPD

The doctor explains the primary causes of COPD.

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Members Only Quit Smoking

The doctor explains why the patient should completely quit smoking.

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The doctor explains pulmonary function testing.

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The doctor explains alveoli and blood gases.

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The doctor discusses oxygen monitoring and therapy in Spanish.

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The doctor discusses lung cancer screening with yearly CT scans, and reminds the patient that quitting smoking will lower her chances of developing cancer.

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The doctor recommends pulmonary rehabilitation, provides the patient with a list of what they discussed, and then directs the patient to the receptionist to make the recommended appointments.

Ángel Bahena

de México

Ángel helped me with the Spanish for these lessons. He is originally from Mexico, and trained to be an RN in the United States. He incorporates his bedside experience into his 1:1 online classes. Click below to inquire about pricing and scheduling classes with Ángel. 

Angel Bahena
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