In today's podcast, we practice Spanish for a medication follow-up visit. This audio lesson was inspired by a listener who recently emailed me regarding questions she would like to ask during medication follow up visits in Spanish.  She has been doing this via virtual visits since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Cortez, my Spanish teacher from the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala who joins us of this lesson. 


Man talking to medical provider via virtual visit on his computer

Medication Follow-up in Spanish

Purpose of the call


Lo/la llamo para ver cómo está / sigue.
I’m calling you to see how you’re doing.


to review

Revisemos* sus medicamentos.
Vamos a revisar sus medicamentos.
Let’s review your medications.

*This is the subjunctive form of the nosotros command of the verb REVISAR.

Any reactions or side effects?


¿Cómo le va con sus medicamentos?
How are you doing with your medications?


to react

¿Cómo ha reaccionado a los nuevos medicamentos?
How have you reacted to the new medications?


el efecto secundario
side effect

¿Ha notado algún problema o efecto secundario de algún medicamento?
Have you noticed any problems or side effects from a medication?

Are you taking your medications?


¿Sigue tomándolos todos?
¿Los sigue tomando todos?
Are you still taking all of them?


to prescribe

¿Ha podido tomar todos los medicamentos que le he recetado?
Have you been able to take all the medications I have prescribed?

When are you taking your medications?


el paracetamol

And acetaminophen is commonly referred to by its brand-name, Tylenol, pronounced as either “Taylenol” or “Tilenol.”

¿Cuándo está tomando el paracetamol/Tylenol?
When are you taking acetaminophen/Tylenol?


¿Cuántas veces al día está lo está tomando?
¿Cuántas veces al día está tomándolo?
How many times a day are you taking it?

Refilling a prescription


el metoprolol

volver a recetar
to refill a prescription

Voy a volver a recetar el metoprolol.
I am going to refill your metoprolol prescription.


to pick up

la farmacia

Puede recogerlo en la farmacia mañana.
Lo puede recoger en la farmacia mañana.
You can pick it up at the pharmacy tomorrow.

Obtaining pharmacy information


¿Cuál es el nombre de la farmacia?
What is the name of the pharmacy?

Remember to use CUÁL when asking for information rather than a definition. Learn when to use QUÉ vs CUÁL in questions with the verb SER.


la dirección

¿Cuál es la dirección?
What is the address.


¿En qué calle y ciudad está?
What street and city is it in?

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Special thanks to Elizabeth Cortez, my Spanish teacher at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala.

The lessons offered at are a fun way to practice medical Spanish. They are not intended to teach medicine or provide medical advice. These lessons are intended to improve communication with Spanish-speaking patients, but they are not intended to substitute for a qualified medical interpreter.


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