Medication Follow up Visit in Spanish

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  • My membership is not yet due for renewal. How can I apply the discount I just earned from taking the quiz when the renewal is due?

    I would rephrase the question regarding the female patient. I misunderstood, thinking it was a female doctor asking the question to a patient, presumedly a male.

    • Hello Nancy,

      As a current Medical Spanish member you can renew at 50% off the regular price prior to expiration of your membership, and since you are already a member, when you supply your email at the end of the quiz, it is not added to any new mailing lists.

      In the lesson @1:21 above, we say, “Addressing a male patient formally… >>> “Lo llamo…”
      “Now addressing a woman….” >>> “La llamo….”

      Please let me know how I could have phrased it more clearly. Thank you, Nancy for supporting the podcast with your membership, for your comments, and for taking the quizzes. It’s exciting to see members interacting with the material. It allows us to see where people are having trouble and how we can improve future lessons.

      Un abrazo,

  • Hello. I’ve taking the quiz and got the discount for the membership renewal for the Premium Package. Can I apply that discount at the time of renewal? That will be in May 2022. Or can I apply it to Spanish Grammar membership now? Not sure what to do.

    • Hola Nichelle,

      Thanks for taking our quizzes! Since you are a Medical Spanish member, you are already eligible for a 50% discount when you renew before it expires. You can do this under RENEW in the member home. You will also find a discount for the Spanish Grammar membership in the Member Home.
      See: Therefore, you already have access to discounts beyond what the quiz offers.

      In the future, I plan to add a point system to quizzes so that you can earn points to go towards additional savings and content. I’m just not there yet.

      I also received your message about the newsletter. You are signed up and you will receive our next newsletters this weekend. Thanks for reminding me! We’ve been creating a lot of new content, and now we better share it with y’all.

      Gracias de nuevo por tu apoyo y por interactuar con las lecciones tomando los quizzes.

      Un abrazo,


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