Telephone Spanish

In this series, you will learn to navigate through common telephone exchanges in Spanish. Daniel calls the clinic, speaks with the receptionist, and is transferred to the nurse line where he leaves a message. The nurse and Daniel play a little phone tag before Daniel reaches Nurse Kristy to discuss his concern and make an appointment with his doctor. In the premium lessons, we practice interpreting these clinical encounters from English to Spanish. We also practice common telephone exchanges and the vocabulary and key phrases related to Daniel’s concern of dizziness after starting a new medication for blood pressure.


Nurse answering the phone at a clinic

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Telephone Spanish – Clinic Receptionist
TS01 Receptionist 1 – Interpret
TS02 Receptionist 2 – Interpret
Telephone Spanish – Nurse Line
TS03 Telephone Phrases
TS04 Nurse Line – Dizzy – Interpret

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