Spanish for Medical Emergencies

Spanish for Medical Emergencies

Learn Spanish for ER triage, the scene of a car accident, chest pain, and stroke.
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Car Accident & ER Triage

You act as the interpreter as an EMT examines a Spanish-speaking woman after a car accident. In ER triage, we practice asking essential questions in Spanish to identify the patient’s reason for presentation.


Two EMTs examining a woman at the scene of an accident


Premium lessons

ER01 Emergencies - Car Accident - Dialogue -  2:54
ER02 Emergencies - Car Accident - Interpret -  12:31
ER03 Emergencies - Using Usted - 0:42
ER04 Emergencies - ER Triage Questions A -  4:08
ER05 Emergencies - ER Triage Questions B - 5:50


Doña Luisa is brought to the ER unable to speak. Listen to the doctor obtain a history. In the premium lessons, you will also hear the doctor perform a neurological exam and then we will practice interpreting the history and exam, line by line, from English to Spanish.


Stroke in Spanish


Premium lessons

Stroke Evaluation in Spanish:

ST01 Stroke History - 2:46
ST02 Stroke Exam - 2:31
ST03 Stroke History - Interpret - 9:26
ST04 Stroke Exam - Interpret - 6:49

NIH Stroke Scale in Spanish:

ST05 NIHSS Dialogue - LOC & Gaze - 2:24
ST06 NIHSS Presentation - 7:54
ST07 NIHSS Onset of Symptoms - 6:49
ST08 NIHSS LOC & Gaze - 9:25
ST09 NIHSS Visual Field Test - 10:48
ST10 NIHSS Facial Palsy - 8:40
ST11 NIHSS Motor Arms & Legs -17:56
ST12 NIHSS Coordination - 20:44
ST13 NIHSS Sensation - 12:51
ST14 NIHSS Language - 12:33
ST15 NIHSS Neglect - 13:54         

Chest Pain

A woman presents to the ER with chest pain. Is she having a heart attack or heartburn? In the premium lessons, you will hear the full evaluation of the patient’s chest pain. The doctor asks about the severity and timing of the pain, its relation to activity, radiation of the pain, associated symptoms, and more. You will also hear the doctor discuss how the chest pain will be treated and evaluated during the patient’s hospital stay. The premium lessons are interactive. We review the vocabulary and practice interpreting the key phrases into Spanish for both the evaluation and treatment of chest pain. You will also learn how to perform an EKG in Spanish. 

chest pain in Spanish


INtroductory Lessons

Premium lessons

CP01 Chest Pain - Evaluation - 3:44
CP02 Chest Pain - Evaluation - Interpret - 9:25
CP03 Chest Pain - History & Medications - Interpret - 4:13
CP04 Chest Pain - EKG & Treatment - Vocabulary - 4:57
CP05 Chest Pain - EKG - Interpret - 4:44
CP06 Chest Pain - Treatment - Interpret - 9:55

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All the lessons on this page are included in the "Spanish for Emergencies" membership. 

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