Spanish for Physical Therapy

Our Spanish lessons for physical therapy are divided into two series covering musculoskeletal disorders and vertigo. 


You will learn Spanish to... 

  1. Obtain a history from a patient with a sore shoulder
  2. Perform a shoulder exam 
  3. Express common movements of the body



You will learn Spanish to... 

  1. Obtain a history from a patient with vertigo 
  2. Explain and perform the Dix-Hallpike and Epley maneuvers 


All the lessons below are now part of our Physical Therapy course!

All the lessons in this series.

(Unnumbered lessons are free.)

The Vestibular System in Spanish
VT11 How the Epley Maneuver Works
VT10 Crystals Break Free and You Get Dizzy
VT09 The Epley Maneuver
VT08 The Dix-Hallpike Maneuver
VT07 Preparing the Patient
VT06 The Vestibular System
VT05 Other Treatments and Goals of Therapy
VT04 Provocative Factors and Medications
VT03 Duration and Associated Symptoms
VT02 To fall and break a hip
VT01 Dizziness when turning over
Evaluation of Vertigo in Spanish
BP05 Back Pain – Exam and Treatment – Interpret
BP04 Back Pain – Vocabulary and Grammar
BP03 Back Pain – Exam and Treatment
BP02 Back Pain – History – Interpret
BP01 Back Pain – Vocabulary
Back Pain in Spanish – Dialogue with Interpreter
Describing Movement in Spanish
PT08 Moving Part of the Body
PT07 Movements of the Hospitalized Patient
PT06 Moving the Entire Body
PT05 Shoulder Exam – Interpret
PT04 Shoulder Exam – Vocabulary and Dialogue
PT03 Sore Shoulder – Interpret
PT02 Sore Shoulder – Vocabulary
PT01 Sore Shoulder – Dialogue
My Shoulder Hurts – Spanish for Physical Therapy