Interviews from Guatemala

Interviews from Guatemala

Learn Spanish from interviews we compiled while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School.
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Interview with a Comadrona

This series is based on interviews with Ester, a comadrona (midwife). Ester tells us about the service provided by the comadronas of San Pedro and how family planning is much more common than before. We also talk with Dr. Francisco Méndez, a family practice doctor in San Pedro who thinks that the healthcare system of Guatemala would collapse without las comadronas. The premium lessons are interactive.  We review the essential vocabulary and grammar, and we give you the opportunity to interpret between English and Spanish.


Sonja, Doc Molly y la comadrona Ester

Introductory lessons

Premium lessons

Interview with la comadrona Ester

CM01 Service of a Comadrona - Review with Javier - 29:00
CM02 Family Planning - Review with Javier - 15:48

Interview with Dr. Mendez (from our prenatal series) 

PN03 Prenatal Care in Guatemala  - 8:09
PN04 High-risk Pregnancy - 9:43
PN09 Prenatal Exams in Guatemala  - 11:25
PN10 Prenatal Educations - 12:34

Chikungunya and Zika - Patient Interview

In this series of lessons, you will hear interviews with Letty, a woman who has suffered from both Chikungunya and Zika, two viruses that recently arrived in the Americas and are transmitted by the same mosquito. In the premium lessons, we review the vocabulary and grammar and practice interpreting key phrases from the interview, between English and Spanish.


Letty at the front desk of San Pedro Spanish School..

Introductory Lessons 

Premium lessons

CK01 Chikungunya - Review - 20:38
CK02 Chikungunya - Review & Interpret - 12:01
CK03 Chikungunya - Review & Interpret - 14:22
CK04 Chikungunya - Review & Interpret - 13:30
CK05 Chikungunya - Review & Interpret - 10:38
ZK01 Zika Interview - Review with Javier - 19:46
ZK02 Zika Interview - Vocabulary - 5:57
ZK03 Zika Interview - Phrase Review - 18:33

Curanderísmo (Folk Medicine)  

This series is based on an interview with Francisco Chavajay, curandero de huesos, a folk healer of bones. I interviewed Francisco while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala. Our goal with this series is to open our minds to Curanderismo (folk medicine) and the integral role it plays in the Latino culture. There are five parts of the interview.  After listening to each part, we go over what don Francisco said, reviewing the vocabulary and grammar as we practice interpreting each key line between English and Spanish.


Don Francisco and I outside his home in San Pedro.

Introductory lessons

Premium lessons

CU01 A Folk Healer Is Born -  11:12
CU02 Don Francisco Has a Dream -  21:46
CU03 Don Francisco Is Called to Work -  14:12
CU04 Don Francisco Faces the Ultimate Test - 23:04
CU05 Healing with Medicinal Herbs - 17:14