Learn Medical Spanish for Emergencies

We are building a large selection of interactive Spanish lessons for emergency medical encounters based on listener feedback and suggestions. 

ER Triage 




Chest Pain




Suicidal Ideation


Cardiac Arrest Scenarios

Learn Spanish to address four different cardiac arrest scenarios.


  1. The patient is already in rigor mortis at the time of arrival. 
  2. The patient demonstrates reassuring signs after the initiation of CPR without return of spontaneous circulation. A decision is made to transport to the hospital while continuing CPR
  3. The patient remains in asystole (no cardiac electrical activity) after 30 minutes of CPR. Explain to the family advanced cardiac life support interventions performed to that point and the decision to stop resuscitation efforts
  4. The patient regains a pulse after CPR and will be transported to the hospital for continued care. (Coming soon). 

All our lessons covering Spanish for emergency medical encounters are included in our Emergencies Course!

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Each lesson contains a Quizlet set for review and a downloadable PDF for convenient reference.

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Written by healthcare providers. Translated and recorded with teachers from Latin America.

Introductory Lessons

Do you know how to evaluate chest pain in Spanish?
Treatment of Chest Pain in the Hospital
ER Triage – Where is the problem?
ER Triage – Poisoning
ER Triage – Are you high?
Evaluating Suicidal Ideation in Spanish
Car Accident in Spanish
Questions in Spanish for EMS – Motor Vehicle Accident
Spanish for Wound Care
Questions for Knee Injury
Bruises, Cuts, Ruptures, Breaks, Tears, and Sprains
Intro to Procedural Sedation in Spanish
Stroke Symptoms in Spanish
Stroke History in Spanish
NIH Stroke Scale in Spanish
Explaining CPR in Spanish
Discussing a DNR Order in Spanish
Spanish for Paramedics: Cardiac Arrest, Too Late for CPR
Spanish for Paramedics: CPR en Route to Hospital
When You Have to Stop Resuscitation in Spanish
Explain Thrombolytics for Stroke in Spanish
Contraindications to Thrombolytics in Spanish – Parte 1
Evaluating a Patient after a Seizure in Spanish