Master Spanish for Evaluating Depression

In the series of lessons below, we will master the necessary Spanish for evaluating depression in the clinic and ER. We will do this through two clinical dialogues. In each series, we will first listen to the clinical dialogue, then we will practice interpreting each line from English to Spanish as we review the vocabulary and grammar. All the lessons are interactive and ideal for learning while walking. 

Depression in the Clinic

In this series, a dialogue where woman presents to her primary care provider with symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and feelings of guilt and failure. Listen to the dialogue in the free introductory lesson. 

Suicidal Ideation in the ER

In this series of lessons, a woman is brought to the ER by the police due to family’s concern that she intended to harm herself. Listen to the free introductory lesson below. This series is part of the Evaluation of Suicidal Ideation module in our Spanish for Emergencies course. Track your progress and use the Quizlet sets to reinforce what you learn. 


In the premium lessons, 

  • Review the key vocabulary and grammar as we interpret each line from English to Spanish.
  • Practice clinical questions in the evaluation of depression and anxiety.

Access PDFs and Quizlet Sets for this series in the Evaluation of Suicidal Ideation module in our Spanish for Emergencies course.