Depression and Anxiety

This series covers common questions and vocabulary for mental health in Spanish.

Depression in the Clinic

In the first introductory lessons below, a woman presents to her primary care provider with symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and feelings of guilt and failure.

Suicidal Ideation in the ER

In the second introductory lesson, a woman is brought to the ER by the police due to family’s concern that she intended to harm herself.


In the premium lessons. 

  • Review the key vocabulary and grammar as we interpret each line from English to Spanish.
  • Practice clinical questions in the evaluation of depression and anxiety.

Premium Lessons

DA01 Depression - Dialogue - 3:44
DA02 Depression - Vocabulary - 4:29
DA03 Depression - Interpret - 12:48
DA04 Clinical Questions - 4:59
DA05 Questions - Symptoms of Depression - 8:40
DA06 Questions - Suicidal Ideation - 5:29
DA07 Questions - Function & Stress — 4:34

MHE01 What brings you to the ER?
MHE02 Do you have a plan?
MHE03 Mental Health History
MHE04 Safe Discharge Home

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