Spanish for COPD

In this series covering Spanish for COPD, we focus on patient education and practice a ton of useful vocabulary and phrases for the medical setting. In the clinical dialogues, you will hear a patient present to the pulmonologist for her first visit for COPD.

  1. First, the doctor then explains the diagnosis of COPD and how it differs from asthma.
  2. They then discuss the causes of COPD and the importance of smoking cessation.
  3. The doctor explains further evaluation with pulmonary function tests and screening for lung cancer.
  4. Finally, the doctor explains with oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation.

In the premium audio lessons, we review the key vocabulary and grammatical constructs as we practice interpreting each line of the clinical dialogues from English to Spanish.


Chest x-ray - Spanish for COPD

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Free Introductory Lessons

Premium Lessons

CO01 Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema - 14:35
CO02 COPD vs Asthma - 18:39
CO03 Causes of COPD - 14:03
CO04 Quit Smoking - 12:39
CO05 Pulmonary Function Tests - 11:09
CO06 Alveoli and Blood Gases - 09:41
CO07 Oxygen Monitoring and Therapy - 18:55
CO08 Screening for Lung Cancer - 18:48
CO09 Pulmonary Rehabilitation - 12:11

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