Confidently Evaluate and Treat Chest Pain in Spanish!

Learn to evaluate and discuss emergency treatment of chest pain in Spanish!

A woman presents to the ER with chest pain. Is she having a heart attack or heartburn? In the premium lessons, you will hear the full evaluation of the patient’s chest pain. The doctor asks about the severity and timing of the pain, its relation to activity, radiation of the pain, associated symptoms, and more. You will also hear the doctor discuss how the chest pain will be treated and evaluated during the patient’s hospital stay. The premium lessons are interactive. We review the vocabulary and practice interpreting the key phrases into Spanish for both the evaluation and treatment of chest pain. You will also learn how to perform an EKG in Spanish. Listen to the introductory lesson below.Β 

The lessons in this series now make up theΒ Chest Pain module in our Spanish for Emergencies course. Track your progress and reinforce what you learn with Quizlet sets and downloadable PDFs within the course.


Medication vials and EKG.

All the lessons in this series.

(Unnumbered lessons are free.)

Do you know how to evaluate chest pain in Spanish?
CP01 Chest Pain – Encounter
CP02 Chest Pain Evaluation – Vocabulary
CP02 Chest Pain Evaluation – Interpret
CP03 PMHx and Meds – Interpret
CP04 EKG – Encounter
CP05 EKG – Interpret
Treatment of Chest Pain in the Hospital
CP06 EKG Changes and Cardiac Enzymes – Interpret
CP07 Meds for Chest Pain – Interpret

Access the Quizlet set and PDF for each lesson in the Chest Pain module of our Spanish for Emergencies course!