ADHD in Spanish

This series is based on a clinical encounter in Spanish about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD (trastorno de déficit de atención con hiperactividad / TDAH).  The original encounter was written in English by a listener, Dr. Craig Horn. Dr. Horn is a pediatrician who serves patients with ADHD. He shared the following with me in an email.

“Philosophically, ADHD can be a beautiful gift of high energy  and creativity when developed properly.  ADHD is not a disease but simply who we are.”

We put this series together while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala. My friend Sonja Um-Siri (an interpreter) translated the clinical encounter on ADHD into Spanish with her teacher Francisco González Yojcóm. Then, we recorded the encounter with Francisco, my teacher, Elizabeth Cortez, and Eliza’s daughter, Nicole.


All the Lessons in This Series

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ADHD in Spanish – Problemas en la escuela
AD01 Problemas en la escuela – Review
AD02 Problemas en la escuela – Interpret
ADHD in Spanish – Diagnóstico y tratamiento
AD03 Diagnóstico – Review
AD04 Medicamentos y asesoramiento – Review
AD05 Efectos secundarios y monitoreo – Review
ADHD in Spanish – Medicamentos Controlados
AD06 Probar el medicamento – Review
AD07 Contrato de medicamentos controlados – Review
AD08 Cambiar Pautas de Conducta – Review

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