Doc Molly'S

Medical Spanish Courses!

Course Features

We are transforming our audio lessons into courses with the following interactive features! 

Track your progress with the course outline and progress bar in the sidebar of each lesson. 

Track Your Progress! 

Reinforce what you learn with a quiz at the end of each lesson and unlock "lección completada." 

Pass Quiz!

Once you pass a quiz. Click "Lección Completada" to earn points. Redeem points for Quizlet Sets! 

Bonus Content!


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¡Sigue los pasos y ganar puntos!

Listen to the audio lesson

Interact with the audio lesson to learn the material. 

Pass the Quiz 

Take the quiz and get over 70% correct to unlock the "Lección Completada" button at the bottom of each lesson. Don't worry you can always retake the quiz if you don't pass the first time. 

Click << Lección Completada >>

After you pass the quiz be sure to click the "Lección Completada" at the bottom of the lesson to earn a point. 

Redeem points for Bonus Content

Redeem your points for bonus content in our credit store! Currently we are offering free quizlet sets based on the vocabulary covered in the courses. Quizlet sets are a fantastic way to master the content. 

Each time you pass a quiz and click "lección completada," you earn a point.  Redeem your points for bonus content in our Credit Store!