LN03 Scheduling the PET Scan

This is the third member lesson in our series covering Spanish for the evaluation of a lung nodule. In this lesson, we talk about scheduling the PET scan in Spanish. The doctor explains she will have to fast for 6 hours before the exam and follow a low carbohydrate diet the day before the exam. She tells her that the radiology department will provide her with more information in written form and that she should not hesitate to contact her office if she still has questions.

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  • I will suggest using bold letters to differentiate if possible one line in (red and the other language in black or blue).
    and do the same for other lines in the 2 languages for all the lessons, but at least bold letters will make a big difference.
    At least bold letters will make a big difference.
    Le informarán más sobre el examen en el departamento de radiología y también debería recibir toda la información por escrito.
    They will provide you with more information about the exam in the radiology department, and you should also receive all information in writing.

    • Hola Beatriz,
      Como siempre… gracias por tus comentarios. Te los agradezco mucho. I will consider this. I try to keep the show. notes as clean as possible for the podcasts feeds. I am also experimenting with video lessons, but waiting to see if people value this. I just made a video for our latest fee lesson. What do you think?

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