Interview with Rory Foster – Medical Spanish Immersion Trips!

In today's episode, I interview Rory Foster of Common Ground International about their Medical Spanish Courses and Medical Spanish Immersion Trips to Latin America

Common Ground International is an excellent resource for learning medical Spanish. They offer courses from beginner to advanced and Medical Spanish Immersion Trips to Ecuador and Costa Rica. Their Spanish Immersion Programs are for all levels and include: 

  • Spanish immersion classes 
  • Volunteer programs in the community
  • Homestays with local families
  • Weekend excursions 

They just returned from their winter program in Costa Rica in February. On June 16, they travel to Ecuador to begin a 2-week program. On July 1st, they head to Costa Rica, where they offer a 6-week program. You can adjust the duration of your trip to your schedule. Learn more in the interview. 

Join their informational session on Monday, March 20th @ 7 PM MT.

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