Since we are talking about blood pressure and labs in this series, let's practice numbers in Spanish. 11once 12doce 13trece 14catorce 15quince 16dieciséis 17diecisiete 18dieciocho 19diecinueve 20veinte 21veintiuno 22veintidós 23veintitrés 24veinticuatro 25veinticinco The numbers we just covered are spelled as one word, unlike many of the numbers that follow, which contain the conjunction "y." 30treinta […]

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  • In the example above, why is it: por debajo de los ciento cuarenta instead of: por debajo de ciento cuarenta, like: mi presión es de ciento quince sobre sesenta y seis?

    • Hola, Nancy.

      Esta es una muy buena pregunta. I would not worry too much about this. The reason I chose to use a definite article here is that I am referring to a designated limit, not simply a random measurement. I think it would be fine to omit the definite article.


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