HT02 Blood Pressure and Medication Schedules – Interpret

Blood Pressure and Medication Schedules (Phrase Review #1 for clinical encounter: "Hypertension - Labs and Med Changes") In this lesson we cover:1) The greeting between the doctor and patient.2) Expressing patient's current blood pressure and blood pressure goal3) Describing medication schedules ***D: Buenas tardes Señora López. Mucho gusto en verla.P: Gracias doctor, igualmente.D: ¿Cómo ha […]

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  • Why is the answer above “por debajo de los ciento trenta” vs “por debajo de ciento treinta” o debajo del ciento treinta”?

    • Hola, Nancy.

      Gracias por la pregunta.

      “Nuestra meta es mantener su presión por debajo de los ciento treinta sobre ochenta.”

      Ángel used the definite article before the number here to emphasize that it is a limit or goal.

      Since it precedes a number greater than one, he used LOS.

      That said, the definite article is NOT required. You could simply say, “por debajo de ciento treinta” as well.


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