FL05 Flu Q and A – Flu Vaccine – How It Works and Side Effects

This is the second of two lessons covering questions and answers regarding the flu vaccine in Spanish. It is an updated lesson from our previous Q&A on the Flu. In this second audio lesson on the flu vaccine, we will discuss how the vaccine works and its common side effects. By the time we are done, you should feel confident when talking about vaccinations in Spanish.

Table of Contents

  • 1:18 How does the vaccine work?
  • 3:51 How effective is it? 
  • 10:51 What are the side effects
  • 14:17 Can the vaccine cause the flu? 
  • 16:17 What is the nasal flu vaccine? 

You will first hear the question and answer in Spanish. Then we will break it down as we practice interpreting both the question and answer from English back into Spanish.


You can access full show notes within our Spanish for Infections course!

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These lessons are solely for learning Spanish.  They are not intended to provide medical advice. Treatment and vaccination recommendations change, so these lessons may not reflect current recommendations. These lessons do not replace a certified interpreter. 

  • Under Intermediate level you have an entry for COVID-19. Is all of this information incorporated in the Advanced level entry of The Flu and Covid? Thanks

    • Hola Steve,

      Yes, all the content of The Flu and Covid is under the same member series found here. Since most of the lessons are advanced, I filed this series under advanced.


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