El Sh*t Show

¡AVISO! We will be using some palabrotas in this episode as we talk about pooping, peeing, belching, and farting in Spanish!

I am joined by Héctor Liberors y Beto Andrade from the amazing No Hay Tos podcast. Check them out!

During the first part of the show, we will remain completely professional as we cover common questions during a postoperative evaluation in the hospital. Then, we will go on to useful phrases with friends and family. This is where things get really fun and we use some palabrotas. I will warn you before we get there. 


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Poop over medical Spanish logo

Preguntas en el hospital


To poop


Frases entre amigos








Fases con “shit” y “piss”


La importancia de conocer el español que habla la gente


Beto habla de la importancia de conocer estas palabras y frases porque son frases que usa la gente y conocerlas nos ayuda a comunicarnos mejor en español.

Y esto me recordó algo que mi amiga Sonja Um Siri compartió conmigo: Code of Ethics from the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care

Dos frases más de Héctor




¡Check out No Hay Tos! Here’s a fun episode on Usos de Pedo en el Español de México! 🙂 

Gracias por escuchar. Un fuerte abrazo y ¡hasta la próxima!

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  • Love love love this!! Real life stuff; this is what I get stuck on when I’m interpreting; Molly, you are the best!!!

  • Very entertaining. I knew exactly what they meant when they said, “Voy a ir a liberar Willy.” I could see your mind went to another place for a bit. That was hilarious!

    • LOL… I am so glad you found it entertaining and I am thankful to Héctor y Beto for helping me with this! In the hospital yesterday, I told my Spanish-speaking patient about it and I shared some of the words and phrases I learned. They had a good belly laugh. That was awesome. 🙂

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