DT06 Applying Dental Sealants

In this lesson, we will interpret as the doctor explains 1) what dental sealants are 2) why she recommends them and 3)how they are applied.

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  • Hello Carl!

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Could you please explain further?

    As always, I try to include many vocabulary and grammar tips throughout the interpretation exercise, but maybe I have done a better job in other lessons. Please let me know if there is a lesson you found particularly useful or if you have any suggestions regarding how I could improve the style. I am always striving to improve the content we offer. Thank you.

    In this lesson, we covered the following tips:
    – Two ways to express a passive action
    – Using the pronominal form of a verb when it is intransitive
    – The use of either MUELAS o MOLARES for MOLARS.
    – The use of a definite article when referring to a noun in a general sense.
    – The fact that BACTERIA in English is a plural noun so translates to BACTERIAS.
    – Following PARA QUE with the subjunctive
    – Placing the adverb at the beginning of a sentence when it modifies the entire sentence.
    – The flexibility of word order in sentences using the PASSIVE SE.

    Thanks Carl!



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