DT05 Crowns, Bridges, and Impressions

Learn vocabulary and phrases pertaining to crowns, bridges and making dental impressions.

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  • This is a good series. Thank you.
    I am always late in listening to the podcasts, so I may be too late to offer suggestions for further vocabulary, but here are some ideas:
    -to have your teeth cleaned – Is it limpiar or another verb?
    -vocab relating to teeth whitening
    -relating to false teeth – implants – what is involved after tooth removal – or the case of someone who has all their teeth removed and goes home the same day with a complete set of implants. Restrictions on food after implants?
    -braces, different kinds, such as metal braces with bands, brackets and wires (and sometimes rubber bands) – or invisible braces – or removable braces that some people use. Also retainers.

    And now for a question. It is not entirely clear to me when to use fijo and when to use fijado. They seem almost synonymous, but I suspect there is a subtle difference. ¡Las sutilezas me cuentas mucho!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Carolyn.

      No, it is not too late. We are going to finish up our series on Spanish for COPD before we return to our Dentistry series for a member suggestion lesson.
      Re: FIJO vs FIJADO: That is an excellent question. My impression is that FIJO/A would be more commonly used to name or describe something, and FIJADO would be used when you want to emphasize the action of being secured or fixed in place. Clear as mud. Tan claro como el barro. ¿No?


  • Hi Molly,

    I thought of a something else that might be added to the dentistry series.: gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis)


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