DH07 Hyperlipidemia – Vocabulary

Welcome to another lesson in our series: Diabetes – Hyperlipidemia – Members.  In this lesson, we cover key vocabulary and phrases pertaining to the treatment of hyperlipidemia. This lesson was updated to fit our current format.  consumir: consumo, consume, consumes, consumimosto eat/consume ingerir: ingiero, ingiere, ingieres, ingerimos to eat/ingest limitar: limito, limita, limitas, limitamos to limit reducir: […]

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  • Sorry, but I want to clarify the reference to “análisis”as a feminine noun above – and then later a masculine one with “se le hará un análisis de sangre”

    • Hello Nancy,

      No need to apologize. Soy yo la que debería pedir perdón. It is EL análisis. I made an error above. I will fix the audio soon. Thank you!


    • Ya está todo corregido: el audio y los show notes. Gracias por el comentario, Nancy.
      ¡Un abrazo!

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