DD01 Directions in the Hospital – Part A – Vocabulary

In this audio lesson, we practice key vocabulary and phrases that we'll use in the next lesson when giving directions in Spanish. Vocabulary  Disculpe, PerdoneExcuse me. La cafeteriaCafeteria El sótanoBasement El pasillo, el corredorHall(way) Siga el pasillo.Follow the hall. Siga (por) el pasillo.Go down the hall. A la derecha / izquierdaTo the right / left […]

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  • Loved my first lesson/vocabulary review. Before I pay extra for podcasts, I regret to say I truly don’t understand how I would access these on my phones.

    • Hello Nancy,

      First of all, I am so glad you loved your first lesson. It appears you have access to every lesson on the site, so no need to pay for more. 🙂
      There are two ways to access this site on your smartphone.

      1) The site is mobile friendly. You can use the internet browser on your phone (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) to access docmolly.com and stream all the lesson from there.

      2) To download all the lessons for offline use, I recommend you subscribe to your premium podcasts feeds. To do this, you copy and paste your premium feeds into a Podcast app like Podcast Addict (Android) or Overcast (iOS). I explain how under Learn on the Go – Podcasts Feeds on the FAQ page.

      If you still have questions, just shoot me an email at molly@docmolly.com and I will respond.


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