In this lesson, we cover vocabulary pertaining to the teeth and mouth, and then we use that vocabulary in common phrases during a visit to the dentist. The level of this lesson in advanced beginner.

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El diente

Los dientes

Teeth, as in the set of teeth when speaking of their overall condition
La dentadura

You have good teeth.
Tiene una buena dentadura.

La muela

Las muelas

Often ‘las muelas’ refers to teeth in general and not specifically to molars.)

El dolor de muelas

Wisdom teeth
Las muelas del juicio
Las cordales

Las encías

The mouth
La boca

The tongue
La lengua

La quijada
La mandíbula

To bite
Morder (irregular)

The bite
La mordida

The overbite
La sobremordida

To chew

To grind the teeth
Rechinar los dientes




Good morning, Mr. Diaz. I'm going to examine your teeth and your mouth.
Buenos días, Sr. Diaz. Le voy a examinar los dientes y la boca.

Note: When directly addressing the patient, we do not use the definite article before their title. Learn more: When to Use a Definite Article Before a Title in Spanish

Also note, when we refer to the patient using LE it is most common to use a definite article (e.g. la, los) before parts of the body. We could also omit the LE and say, "Voy a examinar sus dientes y su boca." Learn more: Verbs with the Body in Spanish

Open wide.
Abra bien.

Stick out your tongue.
Saque la lengua.

Note the use of the verb SACAR to say TO STICK OUT.  

Stick your hand out the window. (addressing a friend)
Saca la mano por la ventana.

Are you having any problems with your teeth?
¿Presenta algún problema con sus dientes?
¿Tiene algún problema con sus dientes?

Do you have a toothache?
¿Tiene dolor de muelas?

Point to the tooth that hurts.
Señale el diente que le duele.

Bite down.

Does it hurt when you bite down?
¿Le duele cuando muerde?

Does it hurt when you chew?
¿Le duele al masticar?

Do you have sensitive teeth
¿Tiene los dientes sensibles?

Point to the sensitive tooth.
Señale el diente sensible.

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?
¿Le han sacado las muelas del juicio?
¿Le han sacado las cordales?

I grind my teeth at night.
Rechino los dientes por la noche.


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