In today’s lesson, we will learn Spanish to perform a pelvic exam. This lesson is part of our updated series on Spanish for Gynecology.  Originally published several years ago, I have refreshed each lesson in this series with the help of my Spanish teachers from Mexico and Costa Rica. You will hear the lovely voice of Daniela Galvis from Venezuela, who recorded most of the Spanish in these lessons. Daniela plays the role of the doctor in today’s dialogue. I will be dropping a new, updated lesson every day this week in the member podcast feed. If you’re not a member, enjoy this sneak peek into our Spanish for Gynecology series. 


Time Stamps:


1:27 Positioning for the Pelvic Exam

Ahora vamos a hacer el examen pélvico.
Now, we are going to do the pelvic exam.

Por favor, ponga los pies aquí y hágase más para acá.
Please place your feet here and move more this way.

Necesito que sus nalgas estén al borde de la camilla.
I need your buttocks to be at the edge of the table.


4:06 Inserting the Speculum

Va a sentir mis dedos.
You are going to feel my fingers.

Ahora voy a introducir el espéculo.
Now, I am going to insert the speculum.

Relájese y respire profundo.
Relax and breathe deeply.


5:21 Pap Smear and Cultures

Ahora estoy sacando la muestra del examen Papanicolau.
I am now taking the pap smear specimen.

También voy a sacar unos cultivos para averiguar si tiene una infección.
I will also take some cultures to determine if you have an infection.

Ahora voy a palpar su útero y sus ovarios con mis manos.
Now, I’m going to palpate your uterus and your ovaries with my hands.


10:14 Finishing Up

Hemos terminado.
We’re done.

Puede sentarse.
You can sit up.

La dejo para que se vista.
I will leave you so you can get dressed.

Ya vengo. 
I’ll be right back.

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