Quiz # 1 – Choose the Correct Tense of the Subjunctive

In the premium Spanish Grammar Review podcast, we have started a comprehensive review of the subjunctive. We have reviewed the conjugation of the subjunctive in it’s four tenses, and when to use each tense.
– Present Subjunctive
– Present Perfect Subjunctive
– Imperfect Subjunctive
– Pluperfect Subjunctive

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Choose the correct tense of the subjunctive in the examples that follow:

It was important that we got good grades.
Era importante que ___ buenas notas.
(sacáramos / sacásemos)

We insist that you tell him the truth.
Insistimos en que le ___ la verdad.

They don’t think we have solved the problem.
No creen que ___ ___ el problema.
(hayamos resuelto)

I was hoping he had gone to bed.
Esperaba que ___ ___ a la cama.
(hubiera / hubiese ido)

I doubt it was us.
Dudo que ___ nosotros.
(fuéramos / fuésemos)

I doubt he’ll have finished it by tomorrow.
Dudo que lo ___ ___ para mañana.
(haya terminado)

I told you to be quiet.
Te dije que ___.
(te callaras / te callases)

They are asking us to pay.
Nos piden que ___.

We found it before they had arrived.
Lo encontramos antes de que ___ ___.
(hubieran / hubiesen llegado)

We are glad that you have chosen us.
Nos alegramos de que ustedes nos ___ ___ .
(hayan elegido)

Tell them to hurry up.
Diles que ___ prisa.
(se den prisa)

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