CO05 Pulmonary Function Tests

Welcome to the fifth lesson in the COPD Module of our Pulmonary Medicine Course. In this lesson, we will interpret as the doctor explains pulmonary function tests. First, we listen to the doctor's explanation. Then, we review the vocabulary. Finally, we use this vocabulary to interpret the doctor's explanation. LEVEL – ADVANCED Regular Monitoring D: […]

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    • This is a great question Vicky.
      The following are taken from Reverso.

      La energía debería volver lentamente conforme se recupera.
      Your energy should slowly come back as you recover.

      Note how we use the subjunctive when referring to something that takes place in the future.

      Conforme la enfermedad avanza, los pacientes pueden experimentar lo siguiente…
      As the disease progresses, symptoms may include…

      Conforme duermes las horas necesarias, las células de la piel se regeneran, sustituyendo las dañadas por unas nuevas y eliminando los daños causados por los radicales libres durante el día.
      As you catch up on much-needed rest, your cells regenerate, replacing dead or damaged skin cells with fresh ones and reversing damage caused by free radicals throughout the day.

      And here is a useful article covering the topic: A medida que, Conforme, Según

      Un abrazo,


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