CO04 Quit Smoking

Welcome to the fourth audio lesson in the COPD Module of our Pulmonary Medicine Course. In this lesson, we interpret the second half of the clinical dialogue: “Causes of COPD in Spanish.” In this part of the dialogue, the doctor explains why the patient should completely quit smoking. First, we listen to an excerpt from the […]

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    • Thank you for your comments, Steve! They are always helpful. Yes, you are right. “Por completo” is correct!

      However, there are TWO right answers to this questions and I wanted you to select both of them: “por completo” y “completamente.” See the following screenshot.

      To make it more clear, I will add the following notation to the question: “Elige todas las traducciones correctas. Hay más de una.” OJO: whenever there are open boxes next to the answers, there is more than one right answer to select.

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