CB01 Childbirth – Embarazo y Parto – Phrase Review

Childbirth - Patient Interview  - Phrase Review 1 Se Presenta el Bebé ¿Cómo se llama tu bebé?What is your baby’s name? Mi bebé se llama Gael.My baby’s name is Gael. ¿Cuántos meses tiene?How many months old is he? Dos mesesTwo months. ¿Es su primer bebé?Is he your first baby? El Embarazo y Dar a Luz […]

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  • Hi Molly. Love your site! Wanted to let you know the podcast for this episode (Childbirth) is linked to the very first one — BB01, Greetings.

    • Thank you for letting me know! We just updated players on all our lessons and we must have forgot to click save after updating MP3 link. It is fixed now. Thank you!

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