Causes of COPD in Spanish

Welcome to our second free audio lesson covering Spanish for COPD.  In this lesson, you will hear the doctor explain the causes of COPD. In the last dialogue, the patient told us that her father had emphysema.  This dialogue begins with the patient asking if she inherited COPD. You will hear the doctor explain the causes of COPD in Spanish and why it is key that she quit smoking.


Table of Contents

Chest x-ray - Spanish for COPDAt you can jump to a section of the audio lesson by clicking on the timestamp.

  • 0:25  Summary of Dialogue
  • 0:57  As you listen…
  • 1:34  Dialogue
  • 2:57  Audio Quiz

As you listen…


… try to pick out the Spanish phrases for:

  • Family history
  • Primary cause
  • It is key (i.e. it is essential)
  • To completely stop smoking

Causes of COPD in Spanish

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(los) antecedentes familiares
(family history)

(la) causa principal
(primary cause)

Es clave.
(It is key.)

dejar de fumar por completo
(to completely quit smoking)

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