Bruises, Cuts, Ruptures, Breaks, Tears, and Sprains

I am back with Rory Foster for an interactive lesson focused on discussing injuries in Spanish. This lesson builds upon one of Rory's lessons at Common Ground International. In this lesson, we practice talking about bruises, cuts, ruptures, breaks, tears, and sprains. We will first present a verb, a noun, and an adjective that all share the same root. Then, we will use this vocabulary in phrases as we discuss these different types of injuries. 

A big shout out to La Comunidad's teachers, Nelly from Colombia, Gloria from Mexico, and Daniela from Mexico, for reviewing the phrases in this lesson. 

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Table of Contents

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Rory and I will continue our review of injuries in a member lesson on scrapes, dislocations, swelling, bites, stings, and more. Become a member, and get this lesson via our Premium Medical Spanish Podcast feed this weekend. 

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  • I wished that there was way less introduction. There was a LOT of repetition, stating that we would work with verbs, nouns and adjectives many times. I was eager for the content to begin.

    • Thank you Diane for this helpful feedback. I agree. I had the same thought when I listened to it AFTER publishing. I will work to keep the intro to the point and less repetitive in the future. Thank you. Oh, and you can use the time stamps, in the Table of Contents above to skip right to the content. I hope this helps.

      Un abrazo,


    • Thanks so much for letting me know Nancy. The link is now goes to the correct lesson in our Emergencies course.

    • Hello Lisa,
      You can subscribe to our premium podcast feeds here.
      The easiest way in my opinion, is just to stream from our website on the phone, as ALL the lessons are available on the site and you can find what you are looking for easier.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.
      Un abrazo, Molly

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