BB13 Review of Systems – Genitourinary

Learn to ask about gynecological and urinary symptoms, as well as erectile dysfunction.

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    • Hello Beatriz,

      Once you pass a quiz, the “lección completada” button is activated. This button is found right beneath the quiz. You must click this button to register the lesson complete.


  • For some reason the last question says I gave incorrect answer. Above it says I got 4 out of 5 but below it says all answers were correct. Thanks! (Great system!)

    • ¡Hola Dimple! Gracias por tu pregunta.
      I would use the following:

      EL BABEO = drooling LA BABA = drool
      BABEAR = to drool
      ¿Ha notado que babea mucho? Have you noticed that s/he drools a lot?
      ¿Ha notado algún babeo? Have you noticed any drooling?
      ¿Tiene problemas de babeo? Do you/he/she have problems with drooling?

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