The Spanish Verb – ACABAR

Spanish Verb ACABARLearn the different uses of the Spanish verb ACABAR. In this audio lesson we practice using the verb ACABAR in different grammatical constructs to mean different things.

ACABAR + DE + INFINITIVE = to have just done something

Acabo de hablar con mamá.
(I just spoke to mom.)

Acabamos de comer.
(We have just eaten.)

Acaba de sacar a pasear al perro.
(He just took the dog for a walk.)

Acaban de regresar.
(They just got back.)

ACABAR + NOUN = to finish something

Acabé mi tarea.
(I finished my homework.)

Acabamos el proyecto.
(We finished the project.)

¿Acabaste el libro?
(Did you finish the book?)

ACABARSE = Something has run out or has been used up

Se acabaron los fondos.
(The funds have been used up.)

Se acabó la batería de mi móvil.
(The battery has run out on my cellphone.)

ACABARSE + pronombre de objeto indirect (TE, ME, LE , NOS) = Someone has run out of something

Se nos acabó la comida.
(We’ve run out of food.)

Se me acabaron las ideas.
(I have run out of ideas.)

Algún día se le va acabar la suerte.
(Someday he is going to run out of luck.)

ACABAR CON = to do away with or put an end to

Quiere acabar con las regulaciones innecesarias.
(She wants to do away with unnecessary regulations.)

La lesión acabó con su carrera deportiva.
(The injury put an end to his careers in sports.)

Acabamos con el odio.
(We put an end to the hatred.)

ACABAR POR + INFINITIVO = to end up doing something

¿Acabaste por volver a pie?
(Did you end up walking back?)

Acabé por no ir a la reunión.
(I ended up not going to the meeting.)

Acabaron por hablar de sus familias.
(They ended up talking about their families.)

ACABAR + GERUNDIO = to end up dong something

Siempre acabamos hablando de trabajo.
(We always end up talking about work.)

Acabaste cantando en el coro.
(You ended up singing in the chorus.)

Acabó enseñando inglés en Ecuador.
(He ended up teaching English in Ecuador. )

¿Acabaste llorando?
(Did you end up crying?)

No, acabé riéndome.
(No, I ended up laughing.)

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